Interior Design & Staging

Interior design is important throughout the entire real estate process, from getting a home ready for the market to designing the interior of your new home in ways that express your unique taste and style. The look and feel of your home should be an expression of who you are. When selling, we want to strategize so that you get the most return on your investment. When buying we want to be sure you feel the most comfortable in your new home. 

We’ve always had a passion for the impact of interior design. When we remodeled our office space in downtown Helena we were so happy with the results and really looked forward to spending time in our space. It felt like home. We want our clients to feel the same way about their own spaces. 

Helena Home Team offers expert level interior design and home staging services:

  • Paint colors and combinations 
  • Window treatments selections
  • Tile selections 
  • Lighting fixtures & hardware
  • Furniture sourcing & layout

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our staging tips

These are our recommendations and we know that not all of these suggestions will work for everyone. Please schedule a complimentary staging consultation if you’d like a more customized staging plan. 


  • Deep clean 
  • Remove personal items 
  • Touch up painting, especially on baseboards 
  • Make sure all light bulbs are the same, warm white 

Room: Entry Way / Living Room

  • Remove shoe storage
  • New entryway rug

Room: Living Room 

  • Add some throw pillows/blankets 
  • Add tasteful decorative pieces to the mantel 

Room: Master Bedroom

  • Move the bed for optimal space on each side and symmetry within the room 
  • Make the bed with white linens and use throw pillows/throw blanket (4 sleeping pillows per bed + throw pillows are recommended) 

Room: Master Bathroom / Closet Area 

  • White towels and/or bath robes nicely hung 
  • New bath mats (either white or a simple pattern)
  • Remove all personal items and products from shower and counter tops 

Room: Kitchen 

  • Remove all personal items and clear all counters. We recommend leaving out only 3 items such as utensil holder, coffee maker, fruit bowl and/or knife block. 
  • Leave a FULL paper towel roll on the counter + simple dish soap dispenser 
  • Fresh flowers on the counter

Room: Dining Room 

  • Stage breakfast bar as a bar with bar ware 
  • Set the table with place settings 

Room: Guest Or second Bedroom 

  • Make the bed with white linens and use throw pillows/throw blanket (4 sleeping pillows per bed + throws is recommended) 

Room: Downstairs BathroomS 

  • White towels nicely hung/folded 
  • New shower curtain + liner (something simple or white) 
  • No products 
  • New toilet paper roll 
  • Toilet seat DOWN


  • Outdoor chairs and side table 
  • Leave deck lighting ON
  • Stage the dining area – table + stools
  • Add hanging lights
  • Remove personal items, yard tools, and toys


Curb appeal is what gives homebuyers their first impression of a property before they even step inside. It is important to have this first impression be as positive as possible. Here are a couple curb appeal tips we recommend before putting your home on the market.

Front Door / Stoop

  • New welcome mat 
  • Add a simple wreath to the front door
  • Cut Back Trees and Shrubs
  • Manicure Your Lawn
  • Plant Some Color
  • Clean the Gutters
  • Pressure Wash the exterior 
  • Pressure wash brick and concrete walkways, patios and drives.
  • Make Outdoor Spaces Inviting
  • Address Your Mailbox

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