About Sarah Gebhardt

Meet Sarah who grew up in Minnesota but fell in love with Montana when she was just a kid on skis ready to take on the world. Ever since Sarah can remember, her family adopted the tradition of annual ski trips to Big Sky. She loved the beautiful landscape, the people, and all Montana had to offer. So, it’s no surprise that she eventually followed her heart and now calls this one-of-a-kind place home.

After obtaining a degree in HR Management at Montana State University in Bozeman, Sarah became interested and captivated by the possibility of a career in real estate. Once she made the decision to pursue that budding dream, her knowledge and interest in new construction was accelerated as she watched her husband, Brock, and his siding business thrive and eventually lead him custom builds and spec house construction. It wasn’t long until their shared specialties made them quite the dynamic duo!

Today, Sarah, Brock and their two kiddos stay busy caring for and connecting to their land by tending to their own little farm family made up of a handful of steer, a flock of chickens, a golden retriever named Max and their beloved kitten, Pebbles. When they’re not doing the work they love, you’ll find them playing with their kids, corralling animals or connecting with their community. Sarah is grateful to spend her summer days basking in the glory of all Montana has to offer: fishing, camping, and taking on outdoor adventures for some fresh air and sunshine.

When it comes to working with those who are new to Montana, Sarah loves to share her enthusiasm and adoration for the state overall, but gets particularly excited when she gets to show her clients around Helena which she calls “a hidden gem”. Sarah says that helping people feel at home in Helena and the surrounding area is one of her most favorite parts of the job.

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